Monday, July 9, 2007

The Auction Is Complete

Welcome to the Angels for Brianna Benefit Auction!

Final bids have been posted

If you would like to make a cash donation please email us at
We encourage you to visit the family’s blog to learn more about Brianna.

Dear Friends,

Wow! Who Knew? WHO KNEW?? Who knew that the efforts to raise funds for Brianna’s family would result in a variety of art communities coming together to form an event so amazing?


Thank you to all the artists who poured their hearts and souls into their angel art and produced beautiful keepsakes. We were hoping to gather up 20 artists and little did we know how this would spin out-of-control in a very wonderful way.

Thank you to the bidders. Without you...opening your hearts and your wallets to help...we wouldn’t have been able to have such success.

Thank you all for your patience with all of our “technical difficulties”. It did work out in the end and we were able to fix our glitches and continue onward.

A final thank you to Stephanie Stargell.

When we began this process it was just the 3 of us. The night before we were to go “live” we realized that we were not going to have enough hours to do all that needed to be done. When we shut our computers down at 3:45 am, Stephanie was just logging in to finish up where we left off. Stephanie had not been involved in the beginning stages of this effort and when we realized we were in trouble she happened to be knocking on our back door with a “can I help?”…I don’t think she realized just what she was getting into but she stuck with us through thick and thin. She has never met Brianna or Iva yet she was a trooper throughout this whole process and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Because we have raised the amount of money we have, Iva and John are thinking of starting an art scholarship in Brianna’s name. I spoke with Iva on the phone this afternoon and she couldn’t say enough about it all. The funds raised are more than she could have ever imagined and she made this comment…”I want to paint the world with Brianna and you are allowing me to do it”. Enough said.

Our sincere gratitude to you all,

Colleen Moody
Sylvia Anderson
Kitty Forseth
Stephanie Stargell

P.S. We will happily welcome cash donations for one more week. Just email us at if you are interested.

The Final Statistics


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A. Janell Berryman

This 9 x 12 gallery wrap no need for frame. Acrylic and collage style
wings are Japanese chrysanthemum textured paper.
Signed and dated on the back.

Winning Bid: $50.00

Pumpkinseeds Originals


B. Mudcakes

Flowers for an Angel

In memory of Brianna. A girl presents an angel her blooms. 5x7 original painting in oils and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, with ephemera, pencil work and mica, made with love and prayers for peace.

Winning Bid: $255.00

Earth Angels Toys


C. Sandy Mastroni

Falling Hearts

16 x 20 Acrylic painting in a shabby chic frame, looks like pastels!
Comes in a carved and ornate shabby chic white frame that sets it off beautifully!

Winning Bid: $225.00

Sandy Mastroni


1A. Kristen Jezewski-Stafford

This costume jewelry piece features a mixed-media pendent with deep purple paper (a color Brianna adored), metal angel wings and a heart, sealed with resin. The color of the necklace is antique brass and I believe the metal is aluminum. It is about 22 inches long. The beads are pearls and purple Swarovski crystals. The easy to close toggle is a lock and key. I am new to jewelry making so the wire wrapping isn’t perfect when you look closely, but it is heartfelt.

Winning Bid: $65.00


1B. Teresa McFayden

This vintage piece was created on an 8x10" vintage pastel blue cabinet card, and features vintage jewelry findings, buttons, metal label holder, tea dyed cheesecloth, mica flakes

on top of a wooden heart and wings made by a special friend. I created this piece as a tribute to young artists who bravely share a piece of themselves in everything they create. Their expressions are so free and made with love and a fresh innocence. I hope that their art takes them the top of the world. I hope it fills their hearts and souls. This piece was also made for established artists who have helped to pave the way, always with an open heart.

Winning Bid: $150.00

Teresa McFayden


2. Susan Walker

I feel so blessed and honored to be part of this wonderful group of warm, loving and supportive artists as we come together for one in her time of need. This sweet Angel of
Peace was made with lots of love and prayer for our Angels for Brianna auction. She stands 29" tall and is mounted on a vintage wooden beehive bobbin. She is made from natural muslin that has gone through several painting and aging processes to give her her glowing complexion. Her crown is heavily sugared with German glitter glass and trimmed with gathered ivory tulle that drapes down the back and is secured with a vintage style button in the back. She has soft and steady blue eyes and her countenance is so peaceful. Her ivory wings have been heavily aged and crackled and antiqued. Angel is dressed in beautiful warm colors of red, ivory, salmon, and touches of blue that match her sash. I hand stitched 17 bells around her neckline, closest to her heart, representing the 17 years of Brianna's love. Angel carries a beautiful white dove...a Peace Dove. He measures 8" long and was made from natural muslin using a wonderful pattern by RK Creations. He has been painted ivory and then details added to give him warmth and detail. If you are the winning bidder, Angel of Peace and her Peace Dove will come to you signed and dated with a personalized Angels for Brianna hangtag and the Sweet Angel of Peace poem.

Winning Bid: $275.00


3. Jan Davis

"Auction Template"

Use this charming auction template to give a professional edge to your Primitive Auctions. This one of a kind, custom Angel template includes backgrounds, buttons, and a "No right

click" feature. This is a custom template, and the winning bidder will receive the only copy. Your business name and ebay details will be added to personalize the template for you. It's easy to add your own photos and descriptions, even if your computer experience is limited, but you do need to know how to copy and paste. I will host the graphics, you will only need to host the pictures of your items. You can use as many pictures as you like for your listings, with no extra eBay fees. It includes easy to follow instructions, written in plain English, and I will be available for questions and help, until you get comfortable with the template.

Winning Bid: $30.00


4. Jennifer Paginelli

A wallpaper and Dennison diecut (original not a copy) to celebrate Briannas life...8 x 5 with handmade paper doodads and vintage jewelry hand sewed with a tinsel handle...

Winning Bid: $50.00


5. Ulla Millbrath

The pendant is created of vintage sterling and
gold plait filigree with brass frame. Image is an antique photo. Chain consists of sterling links, pearls, mother-of-pearl beads, and rose quartz beads. It is approximately 22 inches long.

Winning Bid: $200.00


6. Hop Hop Jingle Boo

12"tall papier mache angel, crepe paper collar and her little white jumpsuit is drenched in sugary sparkle. 3 Paper ornaments, 4" round, crepe paper and vintage Angel heads are

dusted in fine glitter with a blank tag on the back to personalize.

Winning Bid: $110.00

Debra Schoch


7. Rachel DiRenna

She is 10 inches tall made of paper mache over a wire armature. Her bottom half is over a cone so she can be displayed standing & or used as a Christmas tree topper. She is finished with various papers & paints & will be sealed with a polyurethane spray.
Winning Bid: $170.00


8. Patricia Kelly

*~* Cherish *~*

Oh what a sweet faced gal she is! Somewhat Matronly in appearance w/ her nice wide torso...... yet childlike w/ her small youthful wings.
Cherish is made from painted and worn muslin. She measures 29" tall, and has a nice wide, heavy and lumpy rag stuffed torso. I've made her torso larger than normal to ensure a
nice fit for the lovely antique child's dress that she wears. She has painted blue eyes, sculpted nose and brows, and a stitched mouth. Her hair is brown (w/ auburn highlights) sheeps wool that I have stitched in place.
Her dress is a rather unique and stunning antique child's dress, that I would guess is from the early 1900's. It is a true treasure in and of itself. I had no intention of ever
parting w/ such a find, but for an angel such as this, for such a very special cause, with such significance, it is only "fitting" that I should and would do so.
Although I am no expert in antique clothing, I did do a little research, I believe it is cotton batiste. It has crochet inserts at the bottom and on the sleeves, and in an
especially neat crisscross fashion across the front of the dress, w/ some really lovely embroidery as well. Down the back are 6 crochet covered tiny buttons, all in tact. I would describe this dress as being in mint tatters or tears. It is off white in color....perhaps white at one time, but time has taken it's toll, and now it is a true "antique white". It is not quite as
sheer as it's showing in the pics, has no shine to it. I can't help but to wonder about the little girl who long ago was the first to wear this stunning dress.
I got out my stash of vintage linens and I have made a camisole for Cherish from a vintage table runner, and her pantaloons are made from a vintage pillow case. I thought w/ such
a gorgeous dress, it would only be right to have undergarments of vintage fabrics as well. I've placed a slight bouquet of preserved Sweet Annie in her lap then pinned a fabric tag which I have stamped (w/ antique stamps) the word "Cherish". I've also given her a "necklace" of rusty wire and three tiny rusty bells.
Cherish will make a fine addition to any home. She has such a lovely feel about her, be it from her heavy torso, or her symbolism....when you hold her, you will love her!

I am HONORED to be able to take part in this wonderful act of remember and to celebrate Brianna! Although I had not the privilege of meeting this very beautiful,bright, talented, and full of life young girl, I feel that Brianna's memory will live on in the hearts of so very many.

Winning Bid: $250.00
Patricia Kelly
9. Joanna Bolton

A lovely papier mache sculpted angel.Dressed in aqua,mustard yellow and antique white. She has a such sweet expression. and she is holding a heart. OOAK. She is 14,5" tall.
Winning Bid: $85.00
Joanna Bolton
10. Jenny Hernandez

Peace Angel ...Peace Angel is a one of a kind miniature dollhouse scale doll. She was hand-sculpted from paper clay and hand-painted with acrylic washes, then gently antiqued to give her the appearance of a vintage doll. Her skirt was crafted from paper and sugared with glass glitter for a sweet sparkle. Peace Angels wings were cut from sheet music ( a lovely Buddy Holly song) and finished with silvery glitter. Peace Angel will arrive accompanied by a glittery paper star wand in a painted and antiqued gift box, collaged with polka dotted paper, more sheet music, and adorned with silvery letters...
Winning Bid: $95.00
The Polka Dot Pixie

11. Becky Federico

“Heavenly Wishes” Hand Painted Memory Keepsake Box by Pacific Northwest Artist, Becky Federico This petite wooden box is hand painted in acrylics and features a White
Angel Cat with golden wings on a medium purple background. The domed box is painted dark purple on the sides with a gold wash and has sparkling Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals throughout. On the front are a couple of Victorian-style embellishments. Inside on the bottom is a tiny pink heart with brass angel wings and a Swarovski Crystal. Size of the box is approximately 3-3/4” high including the ball feet, by 3-1/8” deep, by 6-1/4” long. The artist signed box will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Winning bid: $100.00

12. Stephanie Stargell

"Fly Away"
This angel box is one-of-a-kind. The angel is sculpted from paperclay. She has been painted, stained, and sealed. She has a robin resting in one hand, a bouquet of flowers in the
other, and her wings are a pair if antique lace medallions. The piece measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 11". The top of the box is a chocolate brown crackle finish with a robin's egg blue under layer. The bottom of the box has antiqued paper applied to all sides and bottom, the words read: One, two, three, Like a bird I sing, 'Cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings. I so glad you're here today, because tomorrow I might have to go and fly away. (Tim McGraw- Last Dollar)
Winning Bid: $150.00

13. Lidy Baars

In honor of Brianna, I created this Angel, made with one of my favorite antique Porcelain Dolls. She is dressed in an antique French Net Lace gown, her wings are of antique French
Silk Millinery Leaves. Her dress is embellished with vintage rhinestones, ribbons, and some of the words that Iva used to describe her sweet daughter in her eulogy. The title of this piece is "Home To Thy Loving Arms" , which is also the title of the vintage sheet music in the background. The angel is surrounded by an antique Victorian Millinery & Wax Flower Wedding "Tiara", vintage
images of Angels, vintage Tinsel, and permanently mounted behind glass inside an ornate vintage Italian Gilded Wood Shadow Box, lined with Cream Silky Moiree fabric. The piece measures 11~1/2" x 9~1/2", it is 3~1/2" deep.
Winning Bid: $356.00
French Garden House
14. Shoshanah Jennings


I chose this model because she looks like what Brianna might have looked like in a few years. I titled the piece "Radiance" because she was. Is. The canvas is a 9 x 12
mixed media collage. I used acrylic paints and mica powder over a collaged background. Her wings are made of vintage leaves, she is holding a bouquet of vintage flowers, and is wearing a skirt made of tulle.

Winning Bid: $150.00


15. Constance Muller

"Garden Angel honoring Brianna"

Her gown and headpiece are composed of felt, vintage lace, and milliners flowers. Her wings are gauze and wire. She features a hand painted face, bendable arms and her skirt is
stuffed with French Lavender. She stand's ten inches tall and six inches wide, and is signed at the bottom with my label.

Winning Bid: $189.00


16. Sylvia Anderson

Angel on Mosaic Base
This angel stands 22” tall and is mounted to a wood and mosaic tile base that I have made. The tiles are in shades of glimmering cream, gold, and brown. Her head, shoulders,
and arms have been sculpted out of paper mache clay over a cloth body. She has been crackled and antiqued for a lovely vintage look! Her dress is made from old fabric and she wears a vintage silk sash at her waist. Her arms are wired, so that they can be posed ever so slightly. She has heavenly white feather wings, and will come to you signed and dated Sylvia Anderson 2007.

Winning Bid: $100.00
Sylvia Anderson

17. CJ ~ Cynthia Jennings

This painting is of a young angel reaching up to the dove in flight amongst the clouds. This painting by CJ of Sweet Harvest Farms has been done in a very child-like manner. It was painted with a mixture of acrylic and water color on an old antique cupboard door. The crackle and "peely" paint is indicative of its age. CJ then antiqued, sealed and signed the painting. This old cupboard door painting measures 12&1/2" X 28".

Winning Bid: $150.00
Sweet Harvest Farms

18. Colleen Moody

A sweet, petite angel to honor our girl, Brianna. This hanging doll is 18 inches long. Her bodice is made up of vintage millinery flower petals. Her wings are lined with more
flowers and then topped with silver dresden. Her halo is also tiny vintage flowers. Her dress is made from an old handkerchief that is embroidered with a "B". The lining of her dress is a beautiful lace lined with one of Brianna's favorite colors, pink.
Winning Bid: $550.00
Colleen Moody
19. Pam Garrison

This piece is titled "Angels Always" and is one of Pam Garrison's "Paper Portrait" series pieces. It is approximately 9x12 1/2 inches and is a collage of paper pieces sewn
together. It is made using a vintage photograph, vintage wallpaper, ledger paper, mother of pearl buttons, and of course, a bit of sparkle with German glass glitter and bullion, as well as other vintage items like crepe paper, a velvet flower, and a cameo brooch. The text reads, "Angels Are Among Us Always".

Winning Bid: $200.00

20. Deerfield Farmhouse

"Winged Hearts"
12" tall and dressed in early 19th century netted lace & old silkes. She carries 2 hearts woven together on wing. Hence winged hearts.
Winning Bid: $1650.00
Deerfield Farmhouse

21. Wendy Addison

"Kingdom of Memory"

This is a beautiful box measuring 11" tall and 6" wide. The beautiful maiden is standing in a sea of natural beauty.....moss, twigs and fern. This piece is signed..For Brianna,
Wendy Addison.
Winning Bid: $378.00

22. Christy Meyers

"Someone to Watch Over Me"
Gallery wrapped, 8 x 10, deep canvas Medium: Acrylics, Paper, Swavroski crystals
Winning Bid: $200.00
CC's Whimsies
23. Colleen Gallagher

"Angel Food"

6x6 Artboard Collage This is a collaged, layered and textured spin on a Frostings and Sparkles cupcake.It is one of a kind, and comes ready to hang.
Winning Bid: $35.00

24. Joann Miller

She is only 10 inches tall.....a very tiny angel..... attached to a vintage bobbin ....She is made from osnaburg, painted stained and sealed..Her dress is all hand painted and
stiffened. Her hair is raw curly wool in an auburn color. I gave her vintage lace and rusty bells as embellishment, and black tinsel around the bottom of the dress...she has little praying
hands....and Her wings are made from distressed cotton batting...machine quilted and stained..Her vintage repro angel photo card reads...."I will wrap my wings around you, and you will feel my love..."
Winning Bid: $60.00

25. Elaine Thomas


This sweet angel with her rosy cheeks and blue eyes is hand sculpted from clay. This piece measures over 18”tall. I used different techniques to give this piece an overall distressed appearance of antique carved wood. I painted her dress pale blue, to contrast with her radiant black hair. She is adorned with vintage metal wings and a hand painted paper banner which reads, “Believe”. The angel herself stands about 12 ½ tall. She is secured inside a lovely wooden box which is quite ornate. It is detailed along the top and sides with unique carvings. I painted the wooden box inside and out in an antique white and distressed and crackled. I have adorned the box with a vintage brooch which has varies jewels in colors of bronze, blue and white. She would make a great addition to your angel collection.
Winning Bid $155.00
Alphabet Studio by Elaine Thomas

26. Cristina Zinnia Gallagher
"Every time a bell angel get's her wings." This collage has been done on a 4" x 4" chunky canvas. It is embellished with crystals, glitter, paints, and glitter. Lace
trim accents the corner, and coordinating beads to match, and rusty bells.
Winning Bid: $50.00
27. Cheryl Goode MacKinnon

My Angel..... This Assemblage Angel is Made from many Vintage Parts... I used an Old
Frame ~ Antique Architectural Piece for Wings ~ Final~ Vintage Ephemera.... Her head is Sculpted from Paper Clay, Sheep Fleece Hair, Blue Glass Eyes.... Copper Wire & Vintage Jewelry Chain form
Her Hands, which Holds a Layered Heart.... Signed & Date OOAK 15" tall x 11" wide (Does Not include the Hanging Ribbon)
Winning Bid: $27.00
28. Melissa Valeriote

Angel Shrine~A Tribute to Brianna
This Angel Shrine has been constructed with a variety of materials that include, pressed paper boxes, music sheets, a rusted tin heart, a gold glitter tin star, netting, and
ribbons. A suspended tin heart with a gold glitter star are safely sealed behind a transparent image of an angel with ribbon edging. A paper banner that reads, "Speak with your life" is mounted on
a chocolate brown glitter crown that rests on top of the shrine with paper angel wings mounted on the back. This entire piece was assembled, painted and sealed, signed and dated by Melissa
Valeriote. Approximate size is 4" x 5.5"
Winning Bid: $125.00
29. Sarah McNamara

My Angel for Brianna is needle punched from French wool thread on weaver's cloth. The wings are sculpted. I've stitched the piece to a small pillow made from hand-dyed wool, which measures 6 1/2
inches by 9 inches. A hand-twisted wool cord surrounds the needle punch.The heart in the angel's hand represents Brianna; the angel is guiding her to heaven. The vines and hearts that surround the angel represent Brianna's family and friends.

Winning Bid : $125.00
Hallowed Hill Primitives
30. Sandy Mastroni

These were created from an original painting of mine. They were cut from masonite board and are ready to hang . They are about 9 inches tall.
Winning Bid: $40.00
Sandy Mastroni
31. Rebecca Sower

Original 6x6" collage by Rebecca. Canvas is hand-textured with artist mediums and acrylic paints. Materials include vintage millinery flower, victorian scrap angel image, printed
papers, crystal chandelier prism, Dresden foil trim; sides covered with vintage book papers and copper foil tape. Ready to hang as a sweet reminder to cherish our little 'angels'.
Winning Bid: $65.00
Rebecca Sower
32. Sharee Anderson

This one of a kind rabbit angel is an original Prim-N-Propa design made with lots of whimsical details and primitive touches. She measures 15 inches tall from the tip of her wired
ears to the bottom of her pink painted toenails. Her round head is needle sculpted and her features are all hand drawn with artist pencils that have been sealed for added protection. She wears a white dress made from vintage dotted swiss with a pale pink tulle underskirt and ruffled sleeves. It is adorned with hand stitched violet rosebud trim, chandelier crystals and silver seed beads for a bit of sparkle. Her halo is a hand wired, silver seed bead tiara and her wings are made from fluffly white feathers. This precious little angel is made in a seated position with her legs
delicately crossed at the ankle making her perfect for a shelf, mantle, window sill or a stack of old books. The possibilities are endless and I think she would be perfect anywhere.
Winning Bid: $210.00

33. Jamie Lott

Love Angel MakedoLove angel is made from a deep burgundy decorator fabric and is attached to an antique wooden bobbin. Her face is handstitched to her head using a brown floss.
Her sweet face is hand drawn and shaded using artist pencils. It has been sealed to protect from fading. She has a rusty bell halo and paper collage art wings. Printed muslin squares have been attached to her chest using rusty safety pins. She also has an antique-like skeleton key attached by a frayed bow just below the word L O V E. Entire piece is perfectly aged. Angel measures approx 14 1/2" tall.
Winning Bid: $35.00
Peach Street Primitives

34. Phillane Saathoff

This One of a Kind creation was inspired by a picture of Brianna. She was wearing a color very similar to the colors in this piece. Measuring 5 by 7 mounted to a canvas, wood
mounted frame. Completely finished front and back. The materials are new with a few vintage items added for a true aged appearance. The paper in the background looks like old script. I then added a crackle stamp image as well as a fleur-de-les stamped in Gold. A rose image as well as the angel are from my collection of images. I then added a wonderful vintage rice paper and a bit of vintage lace around her collar. Metal tag with a image of old postage from Chicago- a sticker element. The word "LIVE" is to inspire you to remind you that each moment in life is precious. Even though Brianna was ill she made the most from each moment. Velvet ribbon trim was used on the sides. Paper backed with my signature and date. Rusty wire hanger with new and Vintage glass blown beads.
Winning Bid: $40.00
Pea Pickers Primitives

35. Pam Gracia

In the far off land of “ODD” live the Podd’s. They are a variety of quaint and unusal lil’ folk. Suzette La Fleur was once an angel in training, but has
since received her wings full time. Because of her love for all things growing she has been given the Heavenly assignment to run the local Flower shop. She brings such happiness to all that receive one of her special bouquets. Suzette La Fleur is one of my newest designs. She is a French angel to remind me, and all, of Brianna’s love of France and her wish to go there.
She is made from painted and distressed muslin and is shaded with wax and chalk. She is wearing a multi layered tulle skirt of pink and ivory tulle that has been slightly
“primmmed”. She has tiny metal eyes and a stitched mouth and is wearing a wool French beret as a salute to Brianna’s love of all things French. Suzette’s angel wings are
quilted muslin with a wire inserted so they can be posed. The wings have also been gently “primmmed”. Suzette La Fleur is weighted and stuffed with love. The “PODD” line
will only be sold as finished dolls... Suzette La Fleur is an original work of art from Me, P.K. Gracia of “Soft in the Head” and will come signed and dated. It will also have a
wonderful hangtag with Brianna’s picture.
Winning Bid: $75.00
36. Kathleen Grimm

"Angel in My Pocket"

A one-of-a-kind Olde Cape Primitives *Little Grimitive Original* 2007 design. She is signed and # 023. Such a sweet little Angel, she is sure to bring a smile to your face. Her
body is made of grungy osnaburg fabric, and measures at about 21 inches from her crown to her feet. Facial features: painted blue eyes, with my signature stitched eye lids, pinched stitched nose, and pink floss stitched lips. Her hair is dark auburn mohair wool that has been needle felted to her head. She is wearing a gathered pink check dress, with iridescent tinsel garland hand-stitch to neck line. Little rosebuds stitched to waist, dress also has a pocket. Underneath her dress is pink tulle and pink polka dot pantaloons. Her tiny shoes are painted black and have little rose buds.
Her crown is all hand-stitched constructed of script fabric, and iridescent tinsel garland. Her angel wings are white feathers covered in clear German Glass Glitter. Tucked inside Angel’s
pocket is a sweet little angel made of cloth, with German Glass Glitter wings and holding a banner with the word ANGELS hand stamped in black paint. Banner is attached to angel with wire. Both Angel’s & outfits are lightly dyed with my special sweet Grimm-mix. Angel has a wire attached to her back for hanging. As with all my dolls: Angel has stitched to her body a red flannel heart.

Winning Bid: $340.00

37. Gina Habbestad

This wonderful makedo stands over 14" tall, her wings measure 15" across and are so full with layers and layers of white and cream feathers. Her dress is done in two different
silky fabrics and lots of tulle giving the skirt fullness. At the top of the dress I used a delicate trim to finish it off. In her hands she holds soft cream paper roses with a spray of pearls and
ribbon to hold her bouquet together. Along with her bouquet is a cinnamon baked hang tag that says ANGEL. I baked her in cinnamon and coffee before needle sculpting her nose. Her eyes and mouth are
done in pastel pencil and then sealed. Her hair is needle felted sheeps wool and atop her head a ring of white ribbon and pearls. She is signed and dated and will come to you nicely packaged.
Winning Bid: $95.00
The Olde Painted Peddler

38. Dixie Redmond

This painting was inspired by angels in Renaissance paintings I saw in January at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This 11 x 14
inch painting is painted on gessoed hardboard with many layers and washes of high quality paints and mediums. It will come to you unframed, but the size is in a stock size that is easy to find a frame for. In making this angel, I tried to imagine a loving receiving angel.
Winning Bid: $200.00
North Dixie Designs

39. Nicol Sayre

"An Angel for Brianna"

A sweet angel with lovely brown locks and serene blue eyes. She is dressed in a gown of vintage creamy voile with golden stars scattered about and antique tinsel trim at the neck. She wears a
banner that proclaims " Peace" and is adorned with paper rosettes. Around her waist is tied a silky ribbon and a vintage tag with a bird on one side and "Paris" on the other. On a smaller vintage
tag is a handrawn bird and the initial "B". She flies with wings fashioned of french ledger paper dated 1825 . She is 19" from the top of her metallic crown to the sweet brown slippers on her

Winning Bid: $1500.00
Nicol Sayre

40. Cottontail Collection


Joy is an angel with lots of texture and sparkle! She wears an off white velvet hood, that's trimmed in tinsel, with a furry edge. It matches the collar, which is decorated with a
variety of trims.The base has tinsel, vintage crocheted lace and more "fur". She stands 8" Tall.
In one hand she carries a large horn and in the other are three glass ball ornaments. I found these ornaments and wanted to use them with this piece because I thought the clear
glass tip on each one looked like a tear drop. Joy is carrying three of them, to represent her Mom, Iva, her Father, John and her brother Trevor.
I wanted this angel to have a more "youthful look, as Brianna was only 17 years old. I named her Joy, because even though I didn't even know Brianna, you could tell that she
brought joy to all who knew her!
Winning Bid: $150.00
Nancy Malay

41. Sharon Stevens

Brianna Angel

A 22” tall primitive doll was made in honor of Brianna Grant. She is wearing a wonderful light mustard print outfit, fitting for year round décor. Her dress has a
unique design in that the bodice has been gathered in rows forming a nice ruffled collar. Her sleeves have a gathered upper sleeve with straight lower sleeve. A simple lace up style closes the
“V” neck and is attached to a lower gathered skirt.
Her bloomers were made from a complimenting light mustard floral print and are secured to her legs with rusted safety pins. To complete her outfit, I designed a gathered overskirt
with two vintage buttons for closure in the front.
A round, handsculpted, separately attached head was attached to her body. She has satin stitched lips with a sculpted nose and handdrawn on hazel colored eyes, using artists
colored pencils in brown and green. I needlefelted some unique wool brown hair onto her head. Mustard colored shoes adorn her feet with a rusted bell pinned on the tip of each shoe.
Lastly, her wings were designed especially for this special angel. They are made of dye cheesecloth and sprinkled with loads of mica flakes and glass glitter as was her halo. Both
have been tightly handstitched to her back neatly into place. No glue was used on this design at all. Her hands were stitched in a praying position as well. Although she will sit nicely when
placed, she does come with a hanging loop on the back of her head. I added a bit of angel dust glitter to her hair and shoulders too.
This entire design was heavily stained and aged and comes signed/dated as a One of a Kind, Original design by Sharon Stevens of Mustard Seed Originals.
Winning Bid: $250.00
Mustard Seeds Originals

42. Missy Ballance

This is a teddy bear I made in memory of Brianna. She is 12" tall and made of sparse, distressed mohair. She is jointed 5 ways with cotter pins and hard board disc. Her chocolate
brown color reminds me of Brianna's hair. Her paw pads are a linen print with little bees on it. I thought that was a nice print for this bear because B is for bee and for Brianna. Her German glass
eyes are set far apart to give her the innocent look of a child. Her little hair bow has some mushrooms and vintage ribbons and flowers. I thought the little mushrooms added a teen flair to her
since they seem to be so hot right now with that group. Finally, on the back of this teddy bear is an original ink drawing of her brand new angel wings. They are drawn on muslin and stitched to the
back of the bear. Under the wings is the word peace... it's a tough time, and I don't know that words can even be put in place, but peace seems to be a nice thought for Iva and her family, as well
as for Brianna. This teddy bear is one of a kind and there will never be another one like her.
Winning Bid: $86.00
Crafty Carnival

43. Lorraine Gerbi

Angel Ornament
This angel ornie measures in at about 9 1/2" across by 7 1/2" tall. She is made from painted and aged muslin. She has wool hair, pencil-drawn eyes and lips, and the rest of her
face is hand-stitched. She has also been decorated with glass glitter. You can either hang her, or tuck her on a shelf or cupboard.
Winning Bid: $75.00

44. FaerieWindow

Here is my angel for the auction. I named the piece "Peace and Love I Bring to You..." Angel is made of paperclay. Measuring 5 and 1/4 inches by 3 inches She has curly brown hair.
Her halo is wire that is painted pink and glittered. Wings are german scrap painted pink and glittered on the edges. Her dress is shimmery white and she has a pink ribbon sash. Dress is trimmed at
the neck and sleeves with glitter. In her right hand she is holding a glittered pink heart. In her left hand she is holding a white glittered dove. Included with the angel is a mache box that I
have papered and trimmed. I put a wire for hanging at the top of the box lid and it doubles as a danglie.
Winning Bid: $75.00

45. Leah Piken

Mixed media piece on 8"x10" cradled clayboard
Winning Bid: $60.00
Blue Tree Art Gallery

46. Lana Manis

LOVE & FAITH Angel Collage
I didn’t know Brianna and her family personally, but I felt as if I did after reading Iva’s blog. Two things that stayed with me during all they went through were the
fact of their LOVE for each other and their FAITH in God. So that is what I drew upon while creating this collage. This collage is worked on an 11” x 14” stretched canvas. I painted the
background with artist acrylics in hand mixed shades of teal, aqua, robin’s egg blue, brown, tan, and ivory. I printed copies of antique pictures of angels onto stained charcoal paper and
then decoupaged them onto the canvas. Torn pieces of sheet music from 1942 serve as the border, wrapping around the sides so that no frame is needed if you wish to leave it that way. I’ve
added bits and pieces of some of my favorite things: a crepe paper ruffle, mother of pearl buttons, antique lace, vintage ribbon, and a couple of found metal pretties. Words printed from old
letters are scattered here and there: “Faith in all things” and “Honest and Faithful”. Lastly, I’ve incorporated elements inspired by valentines of the 18th and 19th
centuries: hand cut and hand woven hearts, winged hearts, and a heart in hand. This original piece is backed with brown paper and is ready for hanging. It comes with attached screw eyes and wire,
but I will also include a length of the same aqua ribbon to use for a visible decorative ribbon hanger if desired. Signed and dated, Lana Manis 2007.
Winning Bid: $110.00
Honey Suckle Lane

47. Kimberlee Edgar

"Vintage Angel"
Dressed in off white silk that is all wired to create a very breezy affect. I have added large Gold dresden Wngs. Her body is made of wrapped straw. She measures 20" tall from the
tip of her wings to her toes. Because she is vintage she has a few flaws ( a few missing fingers) but this adds to her beauty . She is made to hang but she can also be put on a doll stand or in a
glass dome. She is an absolute beauty for an amazing cause!!!!!
Winning Bid: $500.00
Edgar and Edgar

48. Johanna Parker

"Ethereal Eartha" by Johanna Parker Design
A natural beauty indeed, Eartha is a dear! Her head tilts upwards to the celestial skies above while her serene disposition brings peace to those who observe. Painted in warming
hues of amber, cream, chestnut and bronze, Eartha beckons the angel collector in us all!. She carries a star-tipped wand of aged wire and wears a necklace and halo of vintage tinsel. Delicate
details include her scalloped collar and wings. 8” T x 10” W ~ a one-of-a-kind papier mache bust ~
Winning Bid $200.00
Johanna Parker Designs

49. Fat Jak Originals

Soar My Angel - Container Box This piece is just under 8 inches tall. She is made out of paper clay, painted and distressed. She is holding a tiny
blue bird about to take flight. She has pink boa wings and a distressed hat with a glass bead on top. She is also wearing a pink pleated and glittered paper skirt. Her box reads "Soar My
Winning Bid: $120.00
Fat Jak Originals

50. Crabby Gabby Dolls

Hello, I am so honored, humbled and blessed to be a part of this. With much heartfelt emotions I present to you "My Angel For Brianna" I followed Iva's log about Brianna, and I
knew Brianna wanted to visit Paris. Thus, my inspiration for this doll. A Parisian Angel With Paper Wings and Hat. I have collaged, stamped and printed various Parisian images and script to make
the paper sewn wings and hat. The body is simply a Heart. On the close up of the picture it says "Look With Your Heart and Not Your Eye's" In French. In all Honesty I love this, because when we do,
it is the Human Emotion of Hurt, Happiness, and Sorrow that makes us feel connected to one another with out even knowing someone. We are all the same just with different circumstances. We are
connected with one another by an emotion. Thus, feeling a bond of closeness that when they are hurting you are hurting, when they are happy you happy. A lot of People will tell you "Money Makes the
World Go Around..." I personally feel it is compassion that makes the world go around. The measurements are from wing tip to wing tip 25 inches. From top to bottom 18 inches.
From My Heart ~ Heidi Gianino.
Winning Bid: $150.00

51. Michele Simon
A handmade keepsake plush pink chenille boutique Tooth Fairy Pillow is an original one of a kind design from Fairy Princess Designs created just for you. All of the Character Designs on my Tooth Fairy Pillows are ORIGINAL and are not cut out of mass produced fabric patterns. The graphics are all designed on the computer and then printed onto fabric. So you can be 100% sure your Tooth Fairy Pillow is a authentic original work of art! Each pillow has been stuffed with non allergenic premium stuffing and comes with beautiful double faced satin ribbon, sweet embellishments and genuine swarovski crystals.

This Tooth Fairy Pillow measures approx 11 x 9 (not including the ribbon handle) and is perfect for hanging on a bed post, chair, or door knob.Your tooth fairy pillow arrives with a little sachet bag filled with stars so the tooth fairy can find her way and a tooth fairy poem in the pocket. Free Personalization on all
pillows with a little hang tag that is decorated with embellishments and is sewed on to your pillow with satin ribbon. Your tooth fairy pillow is delivered to you with boutique tags and is wrapped in tissue paper to ensure that you receive it in perfect condition.
Winning Bid: $45.00

52. Jenny Heid & Aaron Nieradka

"The Angel of all things Sweet" Since painting cupcakes is our specialty, we just had to give this lil' angel a worthy throne to sit upon. This collage is made from our favorite
patterned papers and ephemera as well as clippings of our own hand painted original patterns. As always we've added just the right amount of fine glitter highlights bringing shimmer and magic to
her tiny wings. On a 9" x 12" beveled edge plaque. Fully finished back, signed, dated, ready to hang.
Handmade with lots and lots of love,
xoxo Jenny & Aaron
Winning Bid: $89.98
Jenny Everyday
53. Erla Erlingsdottir

Linen, cotton, silver thread, fresh water pearls for eyes, coral for a mouth, feathers for hair, suede shoes with coral buttons. Size: 11.5 inches tall.
Winning Bid: $75.00
54. Emily Gottshall

I'm sending four pictures (2 of each angel). The one with the brown with button eyes and pink rag hair) is by my daughter (she's 5 years old). I told her about Brianna and she
wanted to make an angel. So, we made this one together...most of the stitch work is by her own hands (we do a lot of sewing/art). The doll is about 8 inches, stuffed, with button eyes and is made with a brown synthetic material. She is wearing a cotton apron (sewn on). She has vintage rag strips for hair and button eyes. She will come with a little tag about who made her and why. She is titled "Sweet Angel" My doll is an angel card doll. She is titled "Angel Dreams" She is about 9 inches long and hangs by a ribbon. She has vintage rag strips for arms and legs and is signed on the back.
Winning Bid: $30.00
55. Elizabeth Bunson

"An Angel for Brianna by Elizabeth Bunsen"Acrylic on museum board - unframed - 32 x 40,"This painting was inspired by a drawing done by my son Boone Wilson when he was 3 years
old - (who knows more about angels than a young child?) It is about the radiance and airiness of angels. When I told Boone about Brianna and the auction he asked if he could paint an angel as well
- he wanted to help. So part of the spirit and love in this painting is the result of working together in my studio with MY angel - Boone Wilson.

Winning Bid: $150.00
Elizabeth Bunsen
56. Donna O'Brien

"The Promise of Angels"

This crown is made of aged glass glitter, antiqued dresden foil trims, vintage millinery pieces including wax leaves, flowers, and pearl stamens, crepe paper, and ribbons. The image is a copy of
a beautful little French girl adorned with wings. It is large enough to be worn. It was truly an honor to make it and to be part of this very special auction remembering Brianna.

Winning Bid: $250.00
Donna O'Brien

57. Bonnie Blue Denim

"Angels Paint with Music"
SWOA "an original small work of art". It measures 4 by 6 inches. It is a multi-media collage. The collage is mounted on mat board. It consists of vintage sheet music, words from a
vintage hymnal, Basic Grey papers, Daisy D paper, Dover clip art, printed on photo paper. The papers were distressed with "solider blue" acrylic paint. Several layers of matte gel medium have been
applied to front and back. Alphabet rubber stamps were used for the lettering. I found the quote on an angel quote website from an unknown source...but it goes something like this....Angels paint
with sound and sing with color. The quote across the bottom is from A Christmas Carole "A Song in the Air ... And the star rains its fire while the beautiful sing....."

Winning Bid: $65.00
Donna Cook


58. Diane Apperson

My Angel measures 22" tall and 11" wide. The angels are all made of aged muslin. The large angel has a pinch-stitched nose, a soft rose embroidered mouth and brown stitched
eyebrows. Her very serene green eyes are drawn with artist's pencils. She has brown wool hair stitched to her head. Her hands have individually stitched fingers.
The Angel's bodice and sleeves are painted green, sanded and stained. Around her neckline and sleeves I hand-stitched large rust colored rick-rack. Her mustard painted star halo
is wired and secured to her back. She has beautiful quilted wings that I aged, then dry-brushed with white paint. I also lightly stiffened them so they will hold their shape.
Faith, Hope and Love measure 7' tall. Their faces are drawn with artist's pencils. Faith has green eyes and brown hair. Hope has blue eyes and red hair. And Love has brown eyes
and black hair. I used assorted cottons for their wings. Pinned to each little angel is their tag, I made these of aged card stock cut with a decorative edge. I hand-lettered Faith, Hope and Love
on the tags. This special Angel will come signed and dated. I also wanted to add that I chose to include Faith, Hope and Love because they express what this auction means to me. Faith in our God,
Hope for a cure, and the Love of good friends. I also want to send my thoughts and prayers to Iva and her family. I hope this auction will offer them some comfort knowing how many people wanted to
take part in it. Thank you for looking and bidding.

Winning Bid: $156.00


59. Donna Courtney

"Angel of Star Lights"

Mixed Media Collage, Altered Art, OOAK

5" x 7" wrapped canvas. The finished size 5" x 10" not including the hanger. It features old Handmade Lace, a swarovski crystal, an old rhinestone button, handmade paper, watercolor, pen and ink,
and vintage sheet music.

Winning Bid: $110.00


60. Debbie Metti

" Angels Sing"

This piece is a book shaped box embellished with collage and assemblage. It is meant for display, not for storage of items. The collage on the front of the box is a combination of stamping and a transparency. The inside of the box is collaged and contains a small stamped & embossed shrine in which a tiny angel figure holds a heart. It is finished off with the quotation "When hearts listen, angels sing" by an unknown author. I am sure Brianna is singing with the other angels. The box is made of papier mache, which was painted & collaged. The box measures approximately 6 ½" high by 4 ¾" wide by 1 ?" deep and will stand on it's own when slightly open.

Winning Bid: $100.00
Debbi Metti

61. Charlotte Lyons


An angelic mouse nesting in a vintage creamer. She is 5" tall, made from recycled wools. Her nose is a vintage rhinestone, her hat, a vintage pearl and fleur and she is sitting snugly in an
antique hand-painted creamer. Signed and dated by the artist.

Winning bid: $105.00
Charlotte Lyons
62. Small Stories Studio

This piece is 12-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 5-1/2". The little angel inside is an old photo to which I added layers of old lace to make her skirt. She has feather wings, an old tinsel halo
and an old religious medallion around her waist. The inside is covered in pages from an vintage music book. On the front are a pair of vintage earrings and atop an old chippy paint wood knob. The poem below here reads "The light of faith is a gift of God Guiding our footsteps where angels trod; For faith is love, and love is divine, Living endlessly on-no- thought of time-Till life shall close."
Winning Bid: $201.77
Cheryl Kuhn
63. Carolee

"Diamond Tears"
....Like so many others who only came to know Brianna through her Mother's writing, her journey touched me deeply. When I learned of the auction - "Angels for
Brianna", I knew I had to paint her as an angel, which she surely is. The day after Brianna passed, I was listening to some music online, and heard a beautiful song written by the late Dave Carter, entitled "When I Go". It immediately brought to mind Brianna's spirit, and the last two lines evoked a beautiful image I've worked into the piece: "Do not worry for my comfort, do not sorrow for me so, All your diamond tears will rise up and adorn the sky beside me when I go" Using a photo from Iva's blog for reference, I've painted Brianna's image on this solid wood memory box, with a cascade of Swarovski crystal stars rising beside her. The background is done in shades of deep blue and periwinkle, accented with pink, and the interior is painted a soft periwinkle and french mauve. I'm told Brianna's favorite colors were shades of pink and purple, and I've tried to work them into the design. A brass chain keeps the lid in place. There are several smaller compartments, and a place for letters, paintings, drawings, etc. inside the lid. The handle of the box is an antique key, representing timelessness. Handpainted in acrylics and finished with a clear acrylic varnish. Measures 14 1/2" x 12" x 4 1/2". Signed and dated on the bottom by the artist (me), with a certificate of authenticity included.
Winning Bid: $175.00
64. Carol Roll

"Angel On A Cloud"
Angel is sculpted from paper mache and paper clay and is approx 11 1/2" with copper wings that have been painted. She is embellished with a paper hat that has glitter and silver
tinsel trim, wooden letters and beads. The letters spell love, her name is Angel On A Cloud.
Winning bid:$74.00
Nostalgic Folk Art
65. Sew Country Primitives

This Liberty Angel is 9" tall x 10" wide. She is muslin, painted, aged and sealed. She is based on a pattern by "Hickety Pickety".. I have attached a hang tag with a vintage
reproduction pic of a 4th of July scene. She has a aged vellum star around her neck.
Winning Bid: $45.00

66. Becky Carney

"Heavens Angel"
A soft sculpture Angel Antique Christening dress, Mother of pearl button eyes, stitched mouth, Reproduction wood corbels wings. 23"long 23" wide
Winning Bid: $150.00
Becky Carney
67. Barb McNamara

I have made a pincushion for Brianna's auction. It is made from a blue heather wool and stuffed with wool fleece. Brianna's angel is hand cut and appliqued onto the surface. The
detail on the feathers is embroidered as is the feather stitch over each seam. I have capped the top and bottom with wool felt that is scalloped around the edges and tacked a button on the top.
There are the palest pink glass seed beads scattered on the feather stitches. Vintage rayon seam binding is tied in a bow where the glass base and pincushion meet and I have added a corsage pin that hold a vintage heart charm and a wee brass cherub. The piece measures a tad under 7 inches tall and is about 5 inches wide. Of course, it is a one of a kind original by me.Now
Winning Bid: $175.00
Hallowed Hill Primitives

68. Brenda Ostrowski
"Brianna's Star" This 15-1/2 inch angel stands on a little white cloud, and hangs a star high in the sky. Sewn of muslin, she has a full, round head, petite little nose, and hand
painted features. Her eyes are blue, her hair, beautiful chestnut wool -- much like Brianna herself. All cream and blue, this piece sparkles with vintage-style tinsel, and lots of dreamy tulle.
Angel's star and cheeks are brushed with crushed glass, as is her tiny beaded halo. She has polka-dotted dowel legs, and is secured to a wooden base, with boa feathers and tulle. "Brianna's Star" is my original design, made especially to honor Brianna and her family. She will come to you signed and dated.
Winning bid: $225.00
Brenda Ostrowski
69. Annie Hermanson

"Primitive Angel Sculpture"
This angel is created from muslin and paper clay. She rests upon a hand made wood base, and wears real feather wings. She has a slight, upward gaze, a peaceful semblance, and was
crafted with a great deal of love for Brianna. She measures 20" tall.
Winning Bid: $250.00
70. Nina Terry

This is a hand crafted 10 inch hanging ornament adorned with a unique and angelic collage of various pieces of jewelry,ribbon,velvet string and jewel stones.The angel bust on top
is made from terracotta and is an actual fragrance diffuser.It is filled with lavender buds and perfume fragrance oils of a lavender vanilla blend I created to give off a divine scent when hanging.
The fragrance will last a very long time but when ever you desire a fragrance refill simply remove the cork on the back of the bust and add a few more drops of perfume oil in which I will include 2 vials for you . A perfect addition and heavenly combination of beauty and fragrance for your enjoyment
Winning Bid: $25.00

71. Boone Wilson

"An Angel for Brianna"
Acrylic on museum board - unframed - 20 x 32,"This painting was inspired by a Renaissance angel holding a sword - but Boone wanted to change the sword to a scroll with the dedication to Brianna.
Boone is 11 years old and has donated many paintings to many important causes - he has a big heart and likes to see his work help other people. He painted this angel with his mom Elizabeth Bunsen in her studio - it was very special for them to work together and share their love.
Winning bid: $150.00
Boone Wilson
72. Pamela Overmier

"Midnight Fairy"
5" from my pocket series. 5-way jointed, Schulte mohair ( the kind used by Steiff, considered the best by many) wool, weighted with lots of steel encased shot for a hefty feel in
your hand! Custom fairy wings made of antique buckram, star coterie, lots of glitter, metal stars. Shoe button eyes, which are distressed and painted. OOAK.
Winning bid: $100.00


73. Blackberry Briar

"A Simple Little Sparrow"

My offering to you is this beautiful little doll that measures 13 inches from her head to the bottom of her beaded legs. 14 inches from her head to the bottom of her tulle skirt. This doll was created using a beautiful cloth fabric that Ms. Dixie Redmond of North Dixie Designs sent me. It is a beautiful warm tannish brown color with black alphabet letters as the print. Her skirt is made of black tulle that is gathered and sewn. It is attached at her waste and hangs beautifully past her beaded legs. Her facial features have been hand sculpted with Paperclay by Me using no molds. I then delicately painted her features and spent many hours getting her to radiate an "old worn" look. I beaded her legs using rusty wire and a sequence of pink beads that coordinate perfectly with her vintage trim that is sewn at the top of her bodice. There are also Rusty Jingle Bells at the bottom of her legs attached as her slippers. You know the old saying..."Every time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets Their Wings". Her arm and wings are actual feathers. She kept whispering to me that she was a Bird in Spirit wanting to soar. She is able to hang or sit. If you sit her her legs are bendable for the wire and you may pose them as you please.

Winning bid: $150.00
The Blackberry Briar

74. Karina Mallqui

She measures about 20" tall, she is made out of muslin, brown wool hair, she has painted eyes and stitch pinched nose. Gentle Beatrice is wearing a baby blue dress with a bit of
vintage trim around the collar, muslin pantaloons and her petticoat is made out of beautiful italian eyelet trim, she also has glittered blue slippers. Beatrice is holding a little angel baton that has old mother-of-pearl for eyes and white feather wings. This sweet angel has gone through the whole prim process to get the look we all love. She is a ONE-OF-A-KIND and comes signed and dated by me, Karina.
Winning Bid: $100.00
Tangled Threads


Thank you for visiting the Angels for Brianna auction today!

We hope that you enjoyed viewing all of the fabulous art lovingly made and donated by each artist, and that you are inspired to bid on a piece or two of your choosing.

May angels be with you always….

All graphics designed by Kitty Forseth ~ Sweet Invocations


Shelley Noble said...

Wowie! All the submissions are so wonderful! Each one made with the greatest loving care! I'm so impressed with everyone's contribution to such a lovely cause.

Jen - Earth Angels said...

how fabulous! I am spreading the word and do hope the bids SOAR!
xxoo much love and good thoughts to all who are participating, as donators and bidders!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say "Thank YOU" Sylvia, Colleen and Kitty..... for doing such a tremendous job on the auction...Your kindness will always be remembered...
many hugs , jojo

Sarah said...

Stumbled across this site and love the work that has been made, it is just so beautiful and such a fantastic cause i wish you all the best in the future

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